If I Had To Die For Someone ( Lyric Music Video)

A comical interpretation of the Petra classic ‘If I had to die for someone’ offers you an opportunity to think about your life. More importantly it emphasizes the value of true sacrifice and real love.

Start Over (A Short Film)

You try and try, but somehow you cannot seem to stop. Yet, another year passes you by and you start to wonder if things will always be the same. The struggle seems inevitable and the solution non-existent. But what if there was someone who understood what you were going through and was willing to help you start over?

Listen – Short Film

Sometimes all we need is someone who would willingly listen to us. Is there someone who always listens?


A re-sizer that puts us in place and shows us how big God really is.

Is there someone?

Have you ever wondered if there is someone out there in this world who understands you completely? It’s nice to have that reassuring feeling for there to be such a person isn’t it? Here is Someone who has been on a similar thought-journey.


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